The SLD Slim Line Drawer system: a class of its own

The Slim Line Drawer, part of our product line systemat, owes its name to its extraordinarily reduced, minimalist design. Due to its thin 8mm all-metal frame, the Slim Line Drawer sets new standards, since it combines filigree design with a high carrying capacity. Plus a maximum of stability and loadability.

Nothing is impossible

Not even a drawer frame that is as thin as a pencil. Our high-quality metal frame is reduced to 8mm, thus representing a technical masterpiece. Also because it is a one-piece frame and therefore extremely loadable.

Reduced to the essentials

Less is more

The less space is taken up by technical items, the more storage volume is gained. Due to the phenomenally reduced thickness of the frame, the Slim Line Drawer offers a maximum of storage space. The result? Much more available space in the base unit.

More space for the really important things

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Laser-welded unity

Not only the one-piece metal frame guarantees ultimate stability. All components of the Slim Line Drawer are melted into a solid unity by means of laser beam welding. Therefore, the drawer stands up to extremely high loads.

Verified stability, certified by TÜV Rheinland

Minimalistic plainness

The Slim Line Drawer impresses with its straightforward design and its plain, monolithic elegance. Smooth, homogeneous surfaces and delicate geometric sightlines create maximum architectural plainness. Briefly: aesthetic minimalism par excellence.

Subtle, filigree, perfectly shaped

Sustainable design

The Slim Line Drawer completely renounces plastic elements, foams and glues. They are replaced by filigree full-metal frames. Those are not only resource saving in the production, but also extremely durable – and to 100 % recyclable!

Because our environment is worth it

Effortless sliding

Due to its high-tech assembling, the Slim Line Drawer is equipped with highly precise connections. The opening and closing of even fully loaded, high drawers thus becomes a smooth-running sliding movement. For all those who appreciate outstanding quality.

High-tech comfort at its finest

Nobly transparent

Real highlight: our SLD glass drawer. The vitreous sides of the frame yield transparent insights from two directions. This provides the Slim Line Drawer with a sublime lightness and openness. If you wish to magnify this effect, you can choose the illuminated LED version: a noble combination of glass and light.

As light as it can be

Pure, elegant, titan

The subtle design of the Slim Line Drawer reaches the peak of perfection with its noble titan colour. This muted, luscious shade of grey conveys serenity, objectivity and elegance. Beautiful contrasts can be created by combining our titan-coloured drawer with a different-coloured front. Our extensive colour selection leaves nothing to be desired.

Because all greys are not created equal

Look inside!

An exceptionally comfortable variant of our Slim Line Drawer: the internal drawer, which appears behind the frontal drawer. A convenient possibility of storing your utensils both separately and easily accessible.

Anytime close at hand 

„Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” 

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)